Our Craft

Our craft

The ancient, traditional craft started in Europe as early as the 14th century and has continued to develop steadily until today.

We use old and new blocks made of wood. Some we design ourselves, some we find at flea markets, in antique shops or on journeys.

Before we start the working process, the fabric has to be pretreated to prepare it for printing. For each piece we apply the colour by hand to the stamps and then print it on fabric. After a certain drying time the colour is fixed by heat.

There are no limits to our creativity. No pattern is alike the other and every pattern is unique. For us, the imperfection created by the printing process is what makes this craft so authentic.

„What makes blockprinting
so beautiful is the perfect
imperfection, which lies in the result.“

Hauptstrasse 23
A-4864 Attersee

In our studio we not only design unique pieces of clothing, but also make our mark on furniture fabrics, curtains, tablecloths and much more.