Us – that is Anna TT. and Sophie T.

Creativity meets zest for action, tradition meets modernity, here in the Austrian Attergau near Salzburg. We bring new life to the centuries-old art of block-printing. We print on natural fibre fabrics and on paper with both old and new woodblocks. Some we design ourselves, others we buy when we travel, or from antique dealers or at flea markets.




Anna about Sophie: “Sophie is a pragmatist. She will rarely accept the word “impossible” in her world. She loves handicrafts, she loves to sort things out and she loves to make things happen. She is a vibrant achiever who has succeeded in juggling the most diverse things. Sophie is an organizational queen and a hero in everyday life, which definitely helps her, considering she is a mother of 5. In addition to her pragmatic sense, her eye for colours and fabrics is an extremely valuable contribution to our projects.”

Sophie about Anna: “Anna sees the world in her unique way. She is an aesthete and a connoisseur. She adores colours and patterns, both traditional and modern. She is filled to the brim with ideas and draws inspiration from all that surrounds her and from her experiences. As a mother, being able to give room to creativity in her life means total happiness for her. That´s why she already started block-printing three years ago and has already made a name for herself in this trade.”

We have been working together since June 2017: TT & T – Blockprint – an ingenious team with the talents of every one of us complementing one another in a perfect way.

We do not only design unique garments but also place our stamp on fabrics for furniture, on curtains, tablecloths and many more.

In our workshop we put our hearts into producing unique pieces. Each one is our heart and soul, it is part of who we are.


We are looking forward to coming up with new ideas and to putting them into action with you.